What Does an Atlanta HOA and Condominium Management Company Do?

Common Question:

I think if our board HOA has to solve all the problems, why do we need a management company? The management company is compensated for their services; the board is not. What is the responsibility of the management company?



Community Management for Your HOA in Atlanta

Community Management for Your HOA in Atlanta

If your Atlanta area HOA or Condominium Association employs a management company, the ultimate decisions are STILL the responsibility of the elected Board Members. When problems arise in the neighborhood, the representative of the management company assists the Board in solving problems of the Association.

One must understand the role of the management company and the board before deciding whether to hire a manager.

Running an Atlanta HOA or Condo requires a variety of skills, depending on the size of your community and extension services, it may require a huge time commitment.

Someone has to prepare the operating budget and annual capital expenditures. The budget must be mailed to the owners before the start of each year, and a meeting of the owners must be scheduled and a vote must be held to ratify the budget.

Someone has to manage the billing and collection of dues, send final notices and take action for the recovery of arrears. Someone has to negotiate and monitor service contracts from the vendors (landscape, pool, and so on).

Someone has to determine the amount and type of insurance required to properly secure the HOA, its officers and directors, and certain common elements.

Someone has to make periodic inspections of houses and lots and respond to violations of restrictive covenants of the community. Someone has to process and pay vendor invoices, track bank accounts, invest capital reserves and prepare income statements / recurrent costs. Tax returns must be filed each year.  And all of these tasks are just the “tip of the iceberg”!

Without a management company, all these tasks (and more) fall on the shoulders of the board of the HOA. Most HOA management companies offer a la carte service. And others are “All-Inclusive”, Full-Service Management Companies, such as Beacon Management Services in Atlanta.

It is up to the board to assign roles to the management company, all critical decision-making authority regarding the operation of the HOA keeps with the board. The community manager is simply to carry out the directives of the HOA board.

Similarly, the elected Association board has the ultimate responsibility for decisions regarding the operation of the Atlanta Association.

For more information on how Beacon Management Services can assist your Homeowners Association or Condominium Association in the Atlanta area, please call: (404) 907-2112 or email Lisa Simmons at lsimmons@beaconmanagementservices.com. Our complete list of services is available at: www.beaconmanagementservices.com.

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