Why employ HOA Management Professionals in Atlanta?

Many HOA homeowners believe that the Board of Directors handles the day to day management of the community. While self-management may work in some cases, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities associated with running the community. After all, even the most diligent volunteer may not want to deal with maintenance responsibilities, tax issues, legal ramifications and other tasks necessary to run the property. Management firms should be considered as a viable option to provide the leadership and support necessary to oversee community business. The cost of hiring an HOA management company is much less than the unintended consequences from mismanagement. Self-management was an idea originally created by developers who held the belief that volunteers could handle all association positions at no cost to the HOA. In our opinion, that is an unrealistic expectation.

Condominium and Homeowners Association Management require considerable knowledge in many different areas – such as conflict resolution, cost management, risk mitigation, insurance requirements, financial reporting, budgets, legal issues, proper collections, maintenance and most importantly, an understanding of the Governing Documents. In addition, Association managers must be licensed by the Real Estate Commission in the State of Georgia.   Volunteer Boards are often not trained or licensed much less have time to learn every facet of maintaining the Association. Would you go to a doctor who isn’t properly certified and experienced in their field? Definitely not. We believe running a non-profit corporation (your HOA) is no different. It requires skill, leadership, experience and informed guidance. Professional Management Services can ensure that all requirements are met to add to the value of your community. Strategic planning, real estate expertise and continuing education are very important to the success of your community.

HOA and Condo management companies also become a buffer between the Board and the residents living in the community. Collection of dues and deciding how the funds are dispursed can sometimes cause conflicts between neighbors. Employing a Management Company helps alleviate that stress which enables a Board member to refer difficult issues to the property manager.

Research all your companies very carefully. An Association must not only assess the value of these solutions (cost), but the quality of services offered.

For more information on how Beacon Management Services can assist your Homeowners Association or Condominium Association in the Atlanta area, please call: (404) 907-2112 or email Lisa Simmons at lsimmons@beaconmanagementservices.com.

Our complete list of services is available at: www.beaconmanagementservices.com.

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About Beacon Management Services

I'm Lisa Simmons, President of Beacon Management Services. Our team of professionals are passionate about real estate, adding value to the properties we manage and providing exceptional customer experiences. Beacon Management Services is a comprehensive real estate management company specializing in high rise condominiums, homeowner associations, masterplanned developments, multifamily communities, mixed use and commercial projects and other properties of distinction. Our company serves customers in Atlanta and other markets throughout the Southeast. We look forward to serving you. Our testimonials speak for themselves and attest to the quality of service we deliver. We've published a number of them under the testimonials tab on www.beaconmanagementservices.com. If you have questions about your property or simply want to chat, we provide a no obligation site visit. We like giving candid feedback that helps to educate and inform. For more information please visit www.beaconmanagementservices.com or email lsimmons@beaconmanagementservices.com. (404) 907-2112 (o). Thank you for your time!

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