In the Wake of the Brian Williams Scandal, Should You Ever Lie to A Customer?

Managing Atlanta's Condominiums and HOAs

Brian WilliamsThe lightening pace at which NBC anchor Brian Williams lost credibility with the public is a important reminder to business owners, managers, and those in a leadership position that even a tiny fib can breach trust or confidence.  Management professionals should avoid telling clients even so-called white lies, because trust is nearly impossible to regain once broken.

“Trust is a priceless commodity with which we work,” said Lisa Simmons, President of Beacon Management Services, an Atlanta based community association management company that serves condominiums, homeowner associations, mixed use and commercial properties.

Management companies should steer clear of telling even an innocuous lie, such as, “Sorry, I’m busy with a client right now,” when they are actually enjoying their morning coffee and crossword puzzle, said Ms. Simmons.

“Little white lies don’t accomplish anything.   When people start exaggerating and padding,it destroys that credibility, presenting a face to the world that isn’t true.  Once someone knows that a person is…

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About Beacon Management Services

I'm Lisa Simmons, President of Beacon Management Services. Our team of professionals are passionate about real estate, adding value to the properties we manage and providing exceptional customer experiences. Beacon Management Services is a comprehensive real estate management company specializing in high rise condominiums, homeowner associations, masterplanned developments, multifamily communities, mixed use and commercial projects and other properties of distinction. Our company serves customers in Atlanta and other markets throughout the Southeast. We look forward to serving you. Our testimonials speak for themselves and attest to the quality of service we deliver. We've published a number of them under the testimonials tab on If you have questions about your property or simply want to chat, we provide a no obligation site visit. We like giving candid feedback that helps to educate and inform. For more information please visit or email (404) 907-2112 (o). Thank you for your time!

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